Friendship Signs

                            Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose was chosen as the official flower for Friendship Day festival because it symbolizes joy, friendship, delight, promise of a new beginning, “remember me”, and “I care”. It says, that yellow rose with red tip stands for friendship and falling in love.


                           Blue Tulips

Blue tulips also represent friendship because blue means loyalty. Giving someone blue tulips shows them that you are a loyal friend. This is also a great selection if you know the person well and they do not like yellow. Yellow is a lovely color, but some people prefer blue so select flowers with them in mind, based on their individual taste.



Daisies are also recommended to show someone that their friendship is meaningful. The most common daisy is white, but these flowers also come in a wide variety of colors. Pink or yellow daisies can send the same message. A bouquet of daisies can mean a lot, especially if you know the person loves daisies.



Japanese use these dainty flowers (or “kikus,” as they are called) as a gift for friends. This flower has been a symbol for friendship in Japan culture for many years. Close friends exchange Chrysanthemums to represent virtue and their tight friendship. While the flower grows, it also symbolizes the growth of their bond.

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