Flower Colors

Do you know what message your flower color conveys?

Same as flowers has their own meaning, their colors too. Each flower color has a meaningful story behind their color.

If each kind of flower has a meaning, then each flower color also has one. Symbolism and representation of flower colors can be traced back in history and up until now many people believe the meaning of each color. This is the reason why there are individuals who are very particular in the flower and color that they choose for a bouquet and other floral arrangement especially if it will be used for an important occasion. Here are the flower color meanings that we have gathered:

  • Red is the color of love and passion. Sometimes this may also indicate a stronger feeling of desire, courage and strength. Most lovers enjoy sending bouquet of red roses because of its beauty filled with energy and power.
  • Orange symbolizes confidence, warmth and enthusiasm for life.
  • Yellow daffodils could tell someone a deep sense of joy and happiness. This also represents friendship.
  • Green is the color of nature which also means good fortune and health.
  • Blue colored flowers can take away worries because it means calmness and peace.
  • White flowers like gardenia and lily represent purity. This is often connected with respect, modesty and virtuousness. For most people, receiving white roses suggests sophistication and humility.
  • Purple flowers are tied with royalty, dignity and pride which represent admiration and achievement.
  • Lavender, on the other hand, is the color of feminine beauty which represents grace, elegance and refinement.
  • Pink is a youthful flower color which also shows happiness.
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