Bridal Flowers

Bridal Bouquet and its Symbol

Bridal Bouquets are always pleasant in the eyes and the brides usually walk with bridal floral bouquet on her hands as she comes near to his husband-to-be. It is believed that bridal bouquets and bridesmaid gifts are important in every wedding celebration. I am truly fond of bridal bouquets as it brings perfect embellishment for the bride. With the bride wearing her white long dress and holding a gorgeously arranged floral bridal bouquet on her hand, she is confident walking down the aisle which draws attention to all the guests. Most bridal bouquets are fresh flowers but some are silk made flowers and others are handicraft. All of these choices would depend on you on what type do you want to carry on your wedding day. The weirdest is the herbal bridal bouquet which was used several years ago. Here are some of the reasons why bridal bouquets as important as wedding party gifts when it comes to a marriage celebration.



  1. It Symbolizes TRUE LOVE – In early Greeks, they would put sprigs of ivy on Bridal Bouquets as for them the meaning of ivy is fidelity and never ending love and during early days men would send different flowers with precious meanings to their sweethearts as a sign of their love. It was then the Victorians made the rose popular in bridal bouquets for it symbolizes true love.
  2. It Symbolizes PROTECTION– As I mentioned earlier about herbs were the bridal bouquets in ancient times. They have believed that herbs and spices will keep the evil spirits away, illness and misfortune from the new couple. However, today in India the brother of the groom sprinkles petals of flowers for the couple to keep them safe and protect them from harm.

3. It Symbolizes FERTILITY– In ancient Greece and in Rome, garlands of herbs were placed around the neck of the bride and groom to symbolize fertility. I guess everybody wants to have a fruitful fertility in their relationship. A flower symbolizes fertility.

4. TODAY, it Symbolizes GOOD LUCK – It symbolizes good luck for those who are single ladies who will catch the bridal bouquet as the bride tosses her bouquet on her left side to those who are single. The brides are believed to have good luck and her bridal bouquet tossing is the way to share her luck on single women who are finding their true love.



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