Anniversary Flowers

Anniversary Flowers

Anniversaries are unique holidays, and everyone has their own way to celebrate—and no such celebration is complete without some anniversary flowers. Whether honoring a decade of marital bliss, celebrating a year at a new job, or recognizing any milestone, anniversary flowers add significance and grace to the day.

An anniversary as a term can be understood as a day that commemorates and/or celebrates a past event that occurred on the same day of the year as the initial event. For example, the first event is the initial occurrence or, if planned, the inaugural of the event; 365 days in the case of a solar year, or approximately 354 days in the case of an Islamic lunar year, or approximately 354 or 384 days later in the case of the Jewish year, or otherwise one year later, would be the first anniversary of that event. The word was first used for the Christian feasts to commemorate the saints.

Make your anniversary dates as the memorable life time affair every year by presenting flowers that are meant to grace the occasion. Few dates are the special ones so go head to celebrate special dates with special bouquets of flowers termed as anniversary flowers.

 Anniversary Flower for You

Love is a strong feeling of fondness towards someone and there are a lot of ways on how one can express his love. Romance and passion have always been connected with flowers because of its beauty. Roses are flowers that are normally given to convey love messages and to show how one truly care for someone. Heartfelt emotions can be suggested by sending flowers especially during special occasions such as anniversary. Although, there are lots of flowers associated with love and passion, did you know that each year celebrated with a loved one also has a corresponding flower representation? That is right! Here are significant years, equivalent flower and their meaning:

  • Carnation is the flower that represents the 1st anniversary which ties lasting vows of commitment and joy for the next years.
  • During the 2nd anniversary, lily of the valley which signifies the purity of your relationship along with modesty and devotion is a powerful symbol of love.
  • On your 3rd anniversary, sunflower represents you bond which indicates strength and warmth that is shown in loyalty and fidelity.
  • Hydrangea is the flower representing your 4th anniversary with message of gratefulness and appreciation.
  • Innocence and gentleness of the romantic future is created by daisies on the 5th year of the relationship.
  • It is throughout the 6th year that calla symbolizes the growth and beauty of celebrated love and wisdom.
  • Freesia, on the 7th year, stands for trust and faithfulness.
  • On the 8th year of being together, lilacs symbolically makes the couple recall the sweetness of their love and first emotions.
  • Magnificence and finery of celebrating love on the 9th year is represented by bird of paradise.
  • A yellow daffodil on the 10th anniversary simply reminds the couple about simple pleasures that they share.
  • As a declaration of love and devotion, on the 11th year, a tulip would mean deep passion.
  • It is on the 12th anniversary that a peony conveys honor and fortune of a happy relationship.
  • Chrysanthemum on the 13th year represents the abundance of love.
  • Pure affection, understanding and mature charm is being symbolized by orchids during the 14th anniversary.
  • One of the most beautiful flowers is associated with the 15th year; rose celebrates the beauty and perfection of love between two individuals.
  • It is on the 20th year that aster represents wisdom and good fortune.
  • During the 25th anniversary, iris symbolizes the faith and promise of happy and long lasting marriage.
  • Lily on the 30th anniversary means magnificence of pride, beauty and devotion.
  • Vibrancy and remembrance is being signified by gladiolus on the 40th anniversary.
  • During the 50th anniversary, yellow roses and violets celebrates virtue, humility and faith the made the union of two people long lasting.
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